an online community of radical love


with monthly sermons and soul-voice meditations about female saints, mystics, gurus, and poets who inspire and teach us to live in service of love



Red because love is the force that renders us all equal. Love is the truth of who we are and the purpose of why we are here. Love is the source of our true power to shift what’s possible within our lives and in the world. And the source of true love is found within.

Red because the body is the soul’s chance to be here. The body is sacred. The body has wisdom the mind can’t even begin to fathom. The body is a part of (and not separate from) our experience of the divine. Loving the body, fiercely, is a holy revolution.

Red because we are ready for what the alchemists refer to as “the reddening.” This is the third stage in the alchemical process after we’ve owned the dark depths of where we are human, and after we’ve witnessed our own breathtaking light. It’s the spiritual path that unites the lowest lows and the highest heights. It’s the path of integrating the hot mess with the holy soul, the utterly vulnerable with the force within us that is pure strength.

And red because it’s the color associated with Mary Magdalene, and the legacy of the divine feminine. Red because it’s the color of the heart, and the heart is the holiest place on earth. The heart is the mystical space we can enter to meet with our every answer.

So, red because we’re here to call back all our power and to become our own source of love.



Years & years ago I circled up with five ladies on pillows in my living room and got really real about what I wanted (to be a writer), and what I needed (to feel loved and a lot less afraid), and about my spirituality as a woman who experiences the body as sacred.

This circle, this ladylove, changed my life. Through the loud bullhorn of my fears and doubts, I began to discern this quiet, unwavering voice of love inside me. I began to remember who I really am. I began to claim my inherent worth, and act accordingly.

Because of these women, and the REDLADIES who subsequently circled up with me in the years that followed, I am far more often living a life led by love rather than fear.

I am guided not by other’s expectations of me, or my ego’s idea of who I should be. And because of REDLADIES, when I catch myself in a full-on panic, or wrapped up in someone else’s agenda, I can find my way back to what’s true for me with increasing ease, with a more muscular capacity to forgive, and with a love that just keeps expanding.

As a scholar of the divine feminine, I found that by recovering the stories, images, and voices of the feminine and female embodiments of the divine, I recovered my own voice. I could hear what was true for me in each moment, and not hesitate to give voice to it.

REDLADIES has been the single most significant source of support in my own life. And so this is why I want to offer it to you. REDLADIES is a community of women who will help hold you to the truth of who you are, and will cheer you on as you dare to reveal it.



We love. Fiercely.

We love ourselves, and each other. And we believe in the sacred, often messy effort of becoming more love. That’s our religion. We love by refusing to judge each other or ourselves and by accepting all that we are– our humanity and divinity.

We listen. Inwardly.

We devote to go within together and hear the voice of the soul at least once a month. That’s our spiritual practice. The soul-voice meditation allows us to call back all our power by experiencing the truth that we contain our own answers.

We speak. Truthfully.

We hold sacred space for each of us to get real about our experiences as women. That’s our sacred scripture. We believe that healing is hearing the truth that exists within us, and loving ourselves enough to live in alignment with it.

We remember. Together.

That we are never alone. That we are each keepers of a light so rare and singular. That we are each the embodiment of a love that is love that is love that is here to heal the world. That we are each an unspeakable joy. That’s our LadyChurch. 



To become more love. To experience the source of love that exists within me, that is me. To live more authentically, intentionally, and audaciously. To hear my own truth with ease and to express it with love and levity. To experience more joy, and to be less and less convinced by fear. To listen to the voice of my own soul and believe it into action. And to love myself even when I don’t feel loved or loveable. To just let my love reach where it hasn’t before. To feel supported especially when my soul wants me to do something that scares the holy hell out of me. To remember how crazy miraculous it is just be here in this human body. To be the full paradox of what it means to be alive.



Yes, if you want to hear the voice of your soul. If you are a woman, or woman-centered, or identify as a female. If you are interested in the spiritual stories, voices, and teachings of female saints, gurus, and mystics throughout the world religions and throughout recorded history. If you experience fear but don’t want it to limit what’s possible for you. If you want to practice the soul-voice meditation with a community of ladies who want you to be free to live a life led by the truth inside you. If you want to feel fiercely loved.



At the start of each REVEAL, the live retreats I began to lead when my living room was no longer large enough to hold the REDLADIES, I ask the speakers and volunteers to circle up. We honor the voices of the women who have come before us, and all of the voices that have been silenced.

We remember together that we are all connected.

That if we can find a way to be brave enough to share our truth, to use our voices in service of love, we somehow lighten the obstacles that keep another woman from sharing her truth. So if I love this soul of love that I am, it’s easier for her to as well. The red thread is our reminder of the sacred space we are a part of. It’s a visual of the vow we have made to become more love, for each other and ourselves. And it’s a symbol of the unbroken transmission of the spiritual legacy of the divine feminine – the spiritual teachings that are innate to us, that course through our blood, that sing through us when we dare to love.



Membership in REDLADIES is $19 per month, which includes:

  • one monthly live sermon

  • one monthly soul-voice meditation

  • access to a private Facebook group

  • access to a library of all the past sermons

We’ll meet for 90 minutes from 3pm to 4:30pm EST on the first Sunday of each month. The sermons will broadcast via Facebook Live within the REDLADIES private Facebook group. 

The Sunday afternoon gathering consists of Meggan’s sermon based on stories and sacred texts of the Divine Feminine, the soul-voice meditation practice, and Q&A. 

The REDLADIES private Facebook group allows ladies to connect, to share their experience with the soul-voice meditation, and to receive support with their practice.

A portion of your REDLADIES monthly membership will go to LOVE146 – an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking.

Once paid, membership fees are non-refundable; you can cancel your membership any time from your "My Account" page, and you will retain access to REDLADIES through the end of the period you purchased.