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  • “Through the REDLADIES, Meggan creates a sacred space and sacred community of women that has fueled me. Surrounded by a supportive, diverse group of women in Meggan’s red
candle-lit living room, I felt empowered to let go
 of my daily armors and breathe. Meggan was a constant source of support, encouraging us to seek the divine in our own unique ways and take seriously our inner voice of wisdom as guidance in our lives. I deeply missed the REDLADIES when I moved from NYC, but because of Meggan I always felt the community’s warm red embrace and blessings in my life—
gifts that I will always carry with me.”


  • “You are an amazing woman – thank you for creating this beautiful, open + loving space for all of us to blossom within + learn, celebrate, graciously challenge + honour the true essence of sisterhood.”


  • “Meggan has facilitated the creation of an environment where I feel comfortable to surrender myself to my REDLADIES sisters. Because these women hold a container for me, I allow myself to be raw and naked, which has exponentially opened me up to new possibilities and allows me to show vulnerability in all areas of my life. Whenever I meditate about REDLADIES, I feel Spirit on my body, which confirms that I am on the right path.”


  • “REDLADIES and being a part of REVEAL has provided me with the inspiration, energy, and sense of collective love that has allowed me to dig deeper and seek the divine knowledge in my soul without apology. REDLADIES and Meggan’s guidance has enabled me to celebrate the miracles that emerge when one remains true to the purest essence of themselves—with unconditional love.”


  • “When I first heard the REVEAL call, I knew I was being called home to fully embody my decades long soul-work on a larger and more visible scale. My bio says that I am one of New York’s best kept secrets…it was true. My strongest archetype has been of the priestess serving her community, yet I did so in silence, in sacrifice, and often “in the dark.” I was keeping my power for healing hidden.

    The wise woman, the village shaman, the urban mystic in today’s world needs to have the courage to be seen, be bright and fly courageously with red entrepreneurial spirit. This courageous ember is stoked to a fierce and unstoppable fire by the loving support and wisdom of feminine spiritual community. The REDLADIES have held the quiet space to let me wander into my own labyrinth and return with the Goddess as my wings.”


  • “Candles flickering, all eyes on me. And the pillow on the floor. I was to sit on this pillow; it was time for a laying on of hands. Physical. Raw. My skin felt paper thin. I didn’t want to be touched. I yearned to be held. Nerves on fire, heart pounding, spirit trembling. I didn’t want to completely fall apart and lose what dignity I had left. I resisted the invitation. I wanted to be strong and tall and brave. Warrior woman who needed no man, no help. Who did not cry. Oh, but I was so close to tears.

    I surrendered to the feminine power purring and growling with protective love. The ladies moved the wine glasses and dark chocolate to the sidelines to make room for all of us on the floor. They surrounded me. I became the center; they became my gravity. Did I cry? I don’t remember. It’s likely. I do remember the love and the unfolding smooth velvety joy. Tender fingers stroked my curls; strong hands kneaded my shoulders and massaged my feet; my hands tenderly embraced by another pair. Surrounded by red luscious warm love I surrendered to just Being. I allowed the grief in my heart and body to speak their truths: I wanted a true and deep and wonderfully physical love in my life. My Redladies held me, touched me, gave their permission to yearn for something I didn’t have. Peace. We were not alone. I was never alone. The love flowing from my ladies through me and back to them was the eternal and ever present healing Red Divine.”


  • “I came to REDLADIES, unknowingly, deathly afraid of myself. Particularly in my professional life, I found myself consistently shape shifting the real me to present myself in a way I felt others could best receive. Gradually, through the REDLADIES support, a deeper, wiser, and more authentic part of myself revealed herself to me, emerging from the quagmire of the internal sludge created through years of denying my real voice the opportunity to speak. I began to hear and listen to this sacred part of myself, a voice that I regularly heard and listened to at a much younger age. Regaining this access point into myself became a long awaited homecoming. I had searched high and low for years, trying to reignite this connection, and as I reintegrated this access point within me a feeling of knowing, worth, and assurance evolved.

    I am emerging from REDLADIES so different from when I entered, that it’s hard for me to even recognize where I was at the start of this journey. While, my life still has many challenges, I have chosen to live my life from a place congruent with a deeper, more expansive internal place than I previously allowed, and this is by far the most fun I have ever had!”