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Dearest REDLADY,

Welcome home.

The REDLADIES is more love and far redder because of you. The fierce intention I set for this spiritual community is that it offers all of us the inspiration and support to hear the voice of the soul. It’s my honor to hold the sacred space for you to begin to hear your own answers and to experience the love within you that has always been here for you.

Our extraordinary REDLADY, Crystallin, has outlined in this letter all the information you will need to get started, or please send any questions to us at

And I’ve included my description of The Red Thread Ritual at the close for those who feel called to join me in it. 

With only more love,


Your Membership

At any time, you can log into your account on to manage both your account and your membership. All memberships automatically renew each month. You can cancel your membership at any time on your account page, and you will retain access to REDLADIES to the end of the period you purchased. For support with anything related to your membership, just write to us at

The Group Calls

We will gather as a group for the first three Sundays of every month from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Eastern Time. In these calls, Meggan will guide us in our collective practice of the soul-voice meditation. She will also offer teachings on the Divine Feminine, the powerful voices of women sages and saints that transcend time, so that we can reconnect with our ancient heritage and lineage of women’s spirituality. To provide you with an opportunity to bring your unique questions and situations to Meggan and to REDLADIES, there will be live Q&A sessions at the end of each call (you can also submit questions by emailing them into Lastly, she will also suggest (when moved) soul-work for us to focus on and intended to be worked with both privately and collectively in the Facebook group.

You can join the call via phone, and the details you need to do so will be posted in the private Facebook group and also sent out in an email every Saturday morning before REDLADIES. You can also join in online at Just log into your account and navigate to the REDLADIES members’ only page. This page will also host the library of past sermons, which are yours to access at any time.

Questions for the Calls

Meggan will do live Q&A sessions during the group calls and will also take questions via email. You can send them to Since the Q&A sessions will only be a portion of the call time, it is likely that Meggan will not be able to answer all the questions all the time.

The REDLADIES Private Facebook Group

Soon, you will be receiving an invitation to the REDLADIES private Facebook group. It will be sent to the same email you used to sign up for your membership, unless you write in and let us know to send it to a different address. Also, if you go by a different name on Facebook than the one you used to sign up, please write in and let us know. We would love for you to create an introduction post, letting us know a little bit about you and how you found your way to REDLADIES. This group is intended to be directed and sustained by the members themselves, but Megg will drop in and contribute as she receives the guidance to do so.

Here is the description you’ll find in the group itself:

The REDLADIES private Facebook group is an extension of our lady church. We ask that whatever is shared here be held as sacred and not shared outside of the group. This is a space for us to deepen the soul-voice meditation practice, share our dreams, intentions, and insights. And it’s a chance for us to exercise our capacity to be love for each other, and to become more love ourselves.

Last thing, a little note from your fellow REDLADY and faithful support woman, Crystallin.

A totally public coffee shop is, I guess, as good a place as any to experience a full-on Soul Opening. At least, that's what happened to me as I was reading REVEAL for the first time. For me, that book was an integral part of realizing that the Source of Knowing and the Source of Love is actually within me, and that I can draw nourishment and sustenance from its infinite reservoirs. Little did I know that three short years later, I would almost fall off my chair as a colleague said, "Would you be interested in working with Meggan Watterson?" It didn't take us long to realize that we are kindred spirits, and now we are also partners in creating REDLADIES. So I wanted to offer my own welcome and share the sheer joy that I feel in being able to do this both with Megg and with all of you. It is answering the call in my heart to help usher in that which the world needs right now - for me, this is it. 

The Red Thread Ritual

We can make any moment sacred simply by remembering that it already is. The red thread is a visual of our vow to love ourselves fiercely, and to love each other as our self.

Especially in the midst of those massively hectic mornings when everything feels like it’s off or wrong, you’ll reach for something with your left hand and see the red thread. It will lighten the moment, because you’ll remember to breathe or you’ll laugh at how serious you’d become because you’ll realize you’re not alone– you’ll know that we all right there with you (no doubt stressing out in our own ways as well) and all wanting you to mine for the gold that’s there in each moment if we can only choose to be fully present to it.

There’s nothing to actually do that makes the red thread on your wrist sacred. It’s sacred simply because it’s on you. And if you don’t like the idea of tying a red thread, then buy a red ring, or a red necklace, or bracelet. REDLADIES in the past have gotten creative with what red they wear, and have made the ritual into whatever they’ve needed most. Because remember– we are here never to follow but to listen to what’s true for us.

In my experience, it’s never the external circumstances that make something sacred it’s simply the clarity of the internal intention that we set. You don’t have to tie your red thread on a full moon, or fully naked, or after sage-ing your whole home. You can do whatever lets you feel yourself– a chant, some yoga, a hot shower. Or just light a candle¬– always works for me. And the red thread you use can be from anywhere, its power comes from within you. Just hold it and state your intentions for being a REDLADY. And then tie it to your left wrist and know– we are with you, we are connected, we have never been alone, and the legacy of the divine feminine lives on because of you and within you.