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How to Love Yourself
(And Sometimes Other People)

How to Love Yourself <br /> (And Sometimes Other People)
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This course includes 4 pre-recorded sessions based on the book How To Love Yourself (And Sometimes Other People). Each of the 4 sessions include a guided soul-voice meditation and a reading from The Sutras of Unspeakable Joy.

Session 1) Loving Ourselves Before and After Loving Others

Session 2) Opening Our Hearts to Others: Solo Time, Dating, and Sacred Sex

Session 3) Making Love Last: Holding a Partner in Our Hearts

Session 4) Working with Strong Emotions: Heartbreak and Loneliness in Daily Life

There are so many relationships that constellate our life- but there is no relationship more significant or revealing than the one we have with our own soul. Many of us can become unmoored with heartbreak. And who among us hasn’t been heartbroken? The key is to drop inward, to anchor to the love within us.

There is a love that exists within us all, a love that is limitless and inexhaustible. It’s a love that most of us search for in someone else- or travel the world to find.

In the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, there are passages about a vision and a presence within the heart. A treasure even. There’s ancient wisdom about living from the heart.

And when I say heart, I mean the limitless space within, a field of inner divinity, an inconspicuous sanctuary that goes with us wherever we go.

Entering, and staying within, this inner sanctum known as “the heart” is a spiritual practice. We meet with so much when we can find our way through its door.

Self-love for me is the willingness to just do what needs to be done in order to return to my heart, again and again. To know my own heart as home so that I can in any moment and under any circumstance hear the voice of my own soul.

The meditation I will teach throughout this course is called the soul-voice meditation. This is the spiritual tool I use daily to return to the love that’s right here within me.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of partnership from single- to dating- to married- this course is for all of us wanting to remain in love, to marry our own soul.

This course is about uncovering more of what’s right here within you so that you can come more alive. It’s about the radical joy of realizing more of the love you already are.