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The Risen Magdalene

 Devon, England – June 25th, 2017 REVEAL is a sacred invitation to experience & embody the presence of the divine feminine. REVEAL is an invocation for all of us to call back our power from all times and all places. REVEAL is about abandoning our fears, but never ourselves. It's about stripping down to the truth of who we really are. It's about becoming fierce & unapologetic in giving voice to that truth. And it's about remembering that the source of unfaltering love is within us, ready to lead us to our highest potential.    In this day-long retreat, Meggan...

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For over a decade, I have facilitated the REDLADIES. We circle up to offer one another the sacred space and support to reveal exactly who we are. We tell the truth about our lives. We laugh. We sob. We expose our deepest fears and our most debilitating wounds and see them for what they really are — great huge manholes for the Divine to come barreling through. And we hold with precious, ferocious love the highest possible vision for each other’s lives. The commonality between us that makes us a sacred community is not that we share the same faith, or...

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