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This is my prayer

It's not dramatic and this is how it's so easily missed. It’s so quick, and small, and so terribly quiet. It takes place in a place within that so many of us have never visited much less venerated. It’s so crucial and essential but we only know this once we’ve found it – once we’ve given up the search to find it in someone else. A well, a chalice, an eternal flame, the holy of holies, the pot of gold, the diamond, the miracle, the elixir of life, the philosopher’s stone, all these begin to convey but fail to fully...

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The Sutras of Unspeakable Joy

Words are like sutures. They can close up ancient wounds. They’re magic, we know this. Words heal not just from the meaning they convey but also the energy they contain. Words can hold as if tiny little vessels the energy that transmits from the writer to the reader. Words have the power to transport us, and transform us just from taking them in.  Words are like small flashlights. Each one if true can take us through the dark. Each one can lead us to what we haven’t found before within us. Here’s what I wanted to suture: my small ego-everyday-me,...

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do this with me here

When the most sacred ground is found inside you, when you remember there's nowhere you need to go and nothing you need to do, when you fall to your knees in a temple that has been too long unattended, when your presence lights a candle there in the neglect of your human heart, when you let yourself be with the only truth that resides there, when all ideas of love lose their meaning and instead love is this steady cadence of your heart's beat, love is this simple desire that lives in your pulse and whispers to everyone but especially...

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Love Is About The Soul

I was asked recently in an interview to define love. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I answered that love is our capacity to be present to ourselves and others. That it’s embodiment. It’s forgiveness. Acceptance. But it’s more. It’s freedom. Love frees.The quality of love, true love, is levity. Because those bonds, those ties that ground us to our love for ourselves and another are eternal. They’re in a realm that the ego squints at and tries to imagine but just can’t. Love is about the soul. Or it isn’t love. And the soul exacts a...

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The Spiritual Abundance of Gratitude

I just recently celebrated my birthday and it’s the day I do nothing but drench my life in gratitude. It’s hard to describe how grateful I am that I get to write. That I am a writer. That sometimes words, when I string them together just so, can actually transmit my soul.I’m grateful that I’m read, that so many of you have reached out over the years to tell me how you’ve been moved, or changed, or made lighter. That’s more gold to me than gold itself. I’m grateful that I get to have friends who expand my idea of...

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