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REVEAL: Angels & The Goddess

“Light streams everywhere:

above is below and below is above.

There is no separation:

Heaven and earth are one.” Talking With Angels

My copy of Talking With Angels has duct-tape all down its spine. I’ve been reading this metaphysical text, a transcription of a dialogue between 7 humans and 7 angels during World War II, several times a year for over a decade. So many of the truths revealed in The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, a 2nd century text about the capacity we have as humans to receive divine vision and love from within, are the same truths illuminated almost two millennia later in Talking With Angels.

The most powerful message in both of these texts is that the angels need us in order to walk the earth. There’s an emphasis in the Gospel of Mary that we have been united, that we are now “true human beings.” We are both fully human, and fully divine as was Jesus Christ. The human is the reconciliation of heaven and earth. Our truest purpose is to receive the vision of the spiritual realm that’s only possible within the human heart. In Talking With Angels, that same honor to being human is emphasized– “Only through the human being can grace descend.” Our truest purpose in being human is to be the bridge between heaven and earth by letting the angels act through us.

But how do we do this? How to we hear and connect to the angelic realm right here amidst the compelling terror and anxiety, and yet also pure joy of being human? This is where my work with the divine feminine and Kyle Gray’s work with the angels overlap. For the first time, we will be teaching together at this year’s REVEAL starting this Sunday July 10th. For five days in the magical Berkshires, we will lead a retreat that focuses on this capacity we all have to turn inward and connect to the limitless source of spiritual support and love that’s here for us. This is an exceptionally rare opportunity to work with one of the most gifted angel mediums in the world. (And, in my very biased opinion, Kyle is also the most handsome and the absolutely most loving!)

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