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do this with me here

When the most sacred ground is found inside you, when you remember there's nowhere you need to go and nothing you need to do, when you fall to your knees in a temple that has been too long unattended, when your presence lights a candle there in the neglect of your human heart, when you let yourself be with the only truth that resides there, when all ideas of love lose their meaning and instead love is this steady cadence of your heart's beat, love is this simple desire that lives in your pulse and whispers to everyone but especially to you just how much you want to exist, love is this warm rush of blood rich in your veins, love is this silence that pours out of your eyes, this silence of knowing yourself completely, this silence of becoming love, this silence that never needs to justify or explain your worth or your reasons, this silence of remembering at last to be your own. 

Come, do this with me here