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Love Is About The Soul

I was asked recently in an interview to define love. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I answered that love is our capacity to be present to ourselves and others. That it’s embodiment. It’s forgiveness. Acceptance. But it’s more. It’s freedom. Love frees.

The quality of love, true love, is levity. Because those bonds, those ties that ground us to our love for ourselves and another are eternal. They’re in a realm that the ego squints at and tries to imagine but just can’t. Love is about the soul. Or it isn’t love. And the soul exacts a power the ego can’t relate to or even anticipate. The expanse of the soul can’t be described only felt. That’s love.

And so so often we think love is only about someone else. Love is loving another. Foremost, love is that capacity for us to free ourselves. To look straight at the humanity of our failings, our fears, our weak links and to take each like a lover we haven’t seen in years- to kiss the heartbreak each caused- and know that overwhelming the dark with light is love.

It’s the most difficult and the most sacred task that is asked of us: to love. And it’s the greatest purpose in each of our lives. To find our way into loving this being human from the depths of our soul. All possible healing comes from this effort of doing what we can to bring love to where it has never reached before.

The essence of my work is distilled in this inquiry of unveiling those reasons and excuses we’ve held in place to keep us from feeling loved- from letting love take up residence within us fully. Devoting time to going inward and confronting my own barriers to love is the most powerful choice I make in my life.

Because when I move from love, I align with the highest aspect of who I am. When I move from love, my life becomes much more than just mine. When I move from love, I remember that I have right now within me everything I could ever need and desire. When I move from love, I am met. I have arrived. I am home.

I am love.