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The Spiritual Abundance of Gratitude

I just recently celebrated my birthday and it’s the day I do nothing but drench my life in gratitude. It’s hard to describe how grateful I am that I get to write. That I am a writer. That sometimes words, when I string them together just so, can actually transmit my soul.

I’m grateful that I’m read, that so many of you have reached out over the years to tell me how you’ve been moved, or changed, or made lighter. That’s more gold to me than gold itself. I’m grateful that I get to have friends who expand my idea of what’s possible, and of just how much I can ask for. I’m grateful I get to be a mom to my human angel of a son and to an orphaned houseplant we named Sofia.

I’m grateful I have a crazy unreasonable heart that’s not tethered to this world but anchored instead to the world within this world that’s invisible but no less real. A heart that still falls easily, breaks completely, and has absolutely no idea where it ends. This grateful heart for everything that’s already here is what I know of abundance.

Gratitude to me is a spiritual practice. It’s a profound way of being, of relating to the present moment, and to those we get to love in our life. I’m immensely honored to offer an hour long call on The Spiritual Abundance of Gratitude with an author and mystic I deeply admire, Tosha Silver. Her bestselling books, Outrageous Openness & Change Me Prayers, have inspired and moved me profoundly.

We’ll discuss on the free hour long call Monday November 23rd at noon EST:

* how abundance comes from allowing the self, the soul, to be genuinely grateful for what we already have right now
* how very many ways there are to be grateful, or as Rumi relates, “ways to kiss the ground”
* how gratitude anchors us instantly into Divine Love, even in the midst of challenge and chaos

***No worries if you can’t attend the call live!
A recording will be sent out to everyone who signs up***